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From: Howard J. Van Till <>
Date: Thu Apr 22 2004 - 09:50:18 EDT

On 4/21/04 11:07 AM, "Josh Bembenek" <> wrote:

> Howard-
> Lest we venture too far on the seas of theology without an anchor to
> biblical authority, I'd like to weigh in my two cents with a quote from Paul
> (certaintly a human, but certaintly not a fringe teaching of the collection
> of humans in the bible):

You aptly use the anchor metaphor here. But remember what an anchor does --
it holds you in one place. If you never lift the anchor, you will stay in
the same place forever. The cruise and shipping industries would come to a
complete halt. Progress to a new place would be impossible. Being anchored
in one port may be good as something that precedes a journey, but keeping
the anchor on the same sandy bottom forever means stagnation. No journey. No
exploration. No progress. If that were done in science, we would still be
quoting Aristotle.

Remember what I said earlier:

> What the biblical text gives us is a sampling of how the ancient Hebrew and
> early Christian communities responded to their authentic experience of the
> Sacred. I feel no responsibility to ³say what they said² (repeat their words
> of response, translated into our language and our time), Instead, I feel
> called to ³do what they did² (experience Godıs sacred presence and respond in
> my language and my time).

So, in honor of the writers of the biblical text, my commitment is to
"journey as they journeyed," and to speak freely of what I see on the
journey of life in the ubiquitous presence of the Sacred.

So, Josh, welcome to the opportunity for a wonderful journey. Put that brand
new Ph.D into gear and take it for a test drive. Perhaps we could then have
an actual exchange of ideas. I think that would be far more satisfying than
erecting billboards plastered with Bible verses used to sanction a Christian

Howard Van Till
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