Re: Dembski on the backlash against ID

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Date: Thu Apr 22 2004 - 04:09:07 EDT

In an exert from a post from Paul Nelson, Dembski

> > "To Johnson's supporters, Miller's tears amounted to
> > a histrionic display not worthy of reasoned discourse
> > in an academic setting. Yet that misses the point -- the
> > appeal of tears is not to logos but to pathos. Moved by
> > his tears, several members in the audience rallied around
> > Miller to console him. Further, they cast Johnson as a
> > villain. The lesson for us here is that when appealing to
> > the undecided middle, don't allow our opponents to cast
> > themselves as underdogs or intelligent design proponents
> > as villains. I see a dynamic increasingly at work among
> > theistic evolutionists, whose science, let us always bear
> > in mind, is no different from that of a Richard Dawkins
> > or a Stephen Jay Gould. Accordingly, they cast themselves
> > as the kind face of religion, and they characterize intelligent
> > design as theologically naive and misguided. Theistic
> > evolutionists have now become marvelously adept at
> > rationalizing not only how their religious faith makes
> > sense in light of evolution but also how evolution enhances
> > their religious faith. Let's not play this game. The issue
> > for us is not how evolution relates to religious faith but
> > whether evolution, as currently understood by science,
> > is true. If, as we argue, it is not true, then exploring its
> > religious ramifications constitutes a vain exercise."

Has anyone on this list ever actually identified himself/
herself as a "theistic evolutionist"?

Having taken the time to read Dembski's the design inference,
I find this writing carries an abusive political tone and it does
not bother to defend any theological or the scientific issues
it claims be superior to. I begin to wonder if anyone has ever
been exposed to a debate course in high school or college.
This is not a good way to advance science or Christianity.
It is strange how we Christians are often the first to judge
each other harshly as "evil" and to impute motives on each
other even when the objects of our diatribes have had little
chance to speak. Isn't this something Jesus asked us to lift
up to God to decide? I ask you, what example do we set to
non-believers by this kind of discourse and who and what
do we show we really believe in?

by Grace alone we proceed,
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