Re: YEC Destroying Faith

From: Howard J. Van Till <>
Date: Tue Apr 20 2004 - 19:24:08 EDT

On 4/19/04 9:50 PM, "Dick Fischer" <> wrote:
> In Acts, Paul receives instructions from the risen Christ. He writes letters
> to the churches he founded. Does Paul not write under the authority and
> inspiration of God? Is there any warrant for considering the epistles of Paul
> to be something other than inspired Scripture? Is there at least something in
> the Bible we can consider divinely inspired?


Remember that for the purpose of this conversation, the concept of divine
inspiration being evaluated was this, as I articulated it to Glenn:

>> Glenn, would I be correct to infer that when a YEC says that "the Bible is
>> divinely inspired" he/she is saying that "the Bible's information content
>> has either been communicated to the writers directly from the Divine Data
>> Base or, if information is drawn from the writer's own memory or knowledge,
>> it has been checked by God for accuracy and declared to be fully true"?
Given that definition of inspiration, my answer to your final question would
be, no.

If, on the other hand, you were to ask me, Do you think that the writers of
the Christian canon were inspired by their authentic experience of the
Sacred to write these ³books² (each with their own historical, religious,
cultural & political contexts and agendas) in such a way as to incorporate
that experience of the Sacred into the text, my answer would be, Yes, of
course. (You need not, of course, agree with this concept of inspiration.)

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