Re: YEC Destroying Faith

From: John W Burgeson <>
Date: Tue Apr 20 2004 - 16:59:42 EDT

Glenn wrote: "So did he adjust his message to the early Christians? Do
we have the truth today or is it watered down with compromise?"

Binary thinking, again. Fallacy of the misplaced (overlooked) middle.

Gets you in trouble every time.

Glenn also posted: "I have spent a life time getting yes or no answers to
life's important
questions, such as: Is there commercial oil in this well? Yes/No. Or
Will we make our $50 million back? Y/N Was the geologic structure
mapped correctly? Y/N Maybe because of that, I believe in truth or
falsity more than most. There is rarely a middle ground for me."

The question to all three is not yes/no, but some shade in betwween.

"is there commercial oil?" The answer depends on lots of variables, not
all of which are well known. If you can get $100,000 a barrel, yes. If
you can only get $1 a barrel -- no.

"Will we get our $50 million back?" Same analysis.

"Was the geologic structure mapped correctly?" You know it was not -- no
map can be perfect. The question has to be "correctly enough."

I am also sincerely puzzled why the Whitman poem is irrelevant to your

Then Glenn posts: "If God has little control over what gets into the
books in the first
place, and has little control over the canon, then I would submit I see
no reason to trust what they say with regards to salvation."

No argument here, except you are (apparently) trying to reach God through
your own intellect interpreting the Bible. I think that may be an invalid
pathway. God has to reach us -- not the other way around.

Once I had become a Xtian, THEN the Bible was useful. Not the reverse.

Burgy (a story to tell)

Ubi Caritas

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