Re: Coercion

From: Terry M. Gray <>
Date: Tue Apr 20 2004 - 10:41:02 EDT


You wrote in several places:

"My heart cannot affirm as true what my mind tells me is false."

I would not go so far as to say that my mind tells me these things
cannot be. However, my mind does tell me that God is greater and
wiser and in a profound way, unlike me. Theologians have sometimes
spoken of the incomprehensibility of God here. This is the message of
Job 38-42 as I see it. Here's where I think there is an incredible
arrogance in your position (even though you are admirably humble in
promoting it--I on the other hand suffer from a more arrogant
promotion of what I consider to be the more humble viewpoint).

Given this rational recognition of God, His character, His purposes,
etc. then it is not irrational to accept the notion that my mind may
not be able to put all the pieces together. I must "defend" this set
of theological propositions because I think they come from God
Himself--not from some flawed faith community.

Your question " Why did God act to assure outcome X or choose not to
assure outcome Y?" is in fact Job's question. You can read for
yourself God's answer. God essentially choses not to answer Job and
simply points out that He is God and that Job is not. You can find
the same sort of answer in Romans 9 where the absurdity of the pot
questioning the potter is highlighted.


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