Re: YEC Destroying Faith

From: Don Winterstein <>
Date: Mon Apr 19 2004 - 06:06:13 EDT

George wrote:

"...The purpose of the Bible is theological, so that one might
expect that the author would
be more concerned with its theological than with its
scientific truth. I.e., one cannot
conclude (as you do) that the use of obsolete cosmology
compromises its theological

To which Glenn replied:

"Unfortunately, more people given the polls (the YECs) agree with my
version of this."

What's sad is that the personal relationship to God seems to rely heavily on details of the written texts. Christianity was not at all like that at the outset: The Word brought the Spirit who, in turn, made the Word relevant. But the Word then was not the creation story or any other detail of the written texts. The texts lay in the background.

(Of course, the dominance of the Spirit over written words led to fluidity and diversity of doctrine. To complicate matters, more than one spirit was at work. So rigidity [orthodoxy] eventually had to emerge.)

Now the background has become the foreground, and quibbling over its details has practically pushed the Spirit out of the picture. The Spirit can work now only if he complies with some rigid interpretation of the texts. The order is inverted: Interpretation should flow from the Spirit; the Spirit should not be forced to operate within the straitjacket of someone's rigid interpretation of the texts.

Today YEC rigidity narrowly confines the Spirit for a lot of people. But one of these days, I think, he's going to break free of those bonds.

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