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Please indulge this effort to render my personal sense of the awe-inspiring depths of Genesis Chapter 2:

When, in accordance with God's intention, intelligent life - man and woman, on earth - developed within creation, they enjoyed an unprecedented ability to control other created beings and things, and God blessed their pursuit of the kind of knowledge which refined and extended this power to harness nature to the service of their conscious goals. God warned them, though, not to place themselves in the position of freely formulating the ultimate ends (values) they used their God-given instrumental (tool-making and using!) skills to serve. The man and woman were tempted to disobey this warning. The tempting thought which afflicted them was this: "It will be good to use these powerful skills in the service of goals (values) I formulate for myself, and once I do, all my kind will see how obviously good it is." Woman and man succumbed to this temptation. In this way they ignored God's warning, were deceived by a false promise, and fell victim to inordinate self-preference. Then G!
 od told them that, as a species, this would be the cause of their greatest unnatural afflictions, for now each man and woman would need to guard against the inordinate self-preference of all men and women. In particular, this would cause them to suffer more than would otherwise have been necessary in the process of getting what they needed in order to live by means of their labor, and in bearing and raising their children. God also told them that these very forms of suffering would become the means by which they would mitigate the otherwise lethal effect on their species of this venom of inordinate self-preference that they had ingested and unleashed on their kind. With this, man and woman were expelled from the place where a pleasant life had been theirs as a gift from God.

Doug Barber
Crisfield, MD
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