Re: YEC Destroying Faith

From: Jim Armstrong <>
Date: Sun Apr 18 2004 - 11:03:01 EDT

Glenn Morton wrote:

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>> & by the same token one has to say that the theories of
>>Kepler, Newton, &
>>Maxwell are false. & when we find effects of quantum
>>gravity, we'll have to say that
>>general relativity is false. It doesn't matter that all
>>those theories correctly
>>explained phenomena that their predecessaors hadn't &
>>predicted new ones. They're just
>On this we agree. They are false. But when looking at two religions, you
>are looking at two theories of God. All theories of God can't be true
>at the same time. Which brings me back to the issue of natural truth as
>an arbitor.
I like the natural truth idea, in part because its expression is right
there for all to see. We cannot fully sense every aspect of its reality,
and we might have a fully accurate or agreed-upon interpretation of what
we do sense, but it remains quietly, patiently ...there, to teach us
what we have the capacity to learn.

Just for the sake of argument, regarding "All theories...", could it not
be said that two theories of God may have the same "truth index" if they
both are insufficient theories (falling short of the whole truth) and
yet both theories are true in some measure (capturing with some accuracy
some essential but possibly different aspect)? JimA
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