Re: YEC Destroying Faith

From: Douglas Barber <>
Date: Fri Apr 16 2004 - 17:29:48 EDT

Glenn Morton wrote:

>3. God has a choice--communicate what actually happened at creation or
>communicate a fictional account (There is only one thing which actually
This way of stating the matter seems to me to disregard what it is not
safe to disregard in catechesis, namely the extent to which God must, as
Calvin put it, lisp in the way a nursemaid might when talking to an
infant, in revealing any truth to finite beings at any particular point
their historical development. As individuals, cultures, and as a
species, we must learn sequentially. I see no evidence that God is wont
to reveal trigonometric functions to people who do not understand
arithmetic. What God revealed in Genesis 2, IMHO, was an answer to the
question, "If our creator is all-powerful and perfectly good, why is
evil present in his creation?" The revealed answer to this question is
the true answer. It makes a practical difference in the life of every
believer because it explains the presence of evil and suffering
*without* granting a licence to ignore it. It was never intended to
answer questions which, when rightly understood, have no conceivable
moral implications, which were not raised until the 19'th century, and
so it is not a false answer to those questions.

I suspect that this belief:

 IF I stand in right relation to God THEN I will have God-like powers of
knowing even concerning empirical matters which could not possibly make
a difference in any helping me to make any choice I could conceivably
face in my life

is an evil whenever and wherever it appears among humans, and that a
person does no wrong in endeavoring to disabuse people of that
particular, illiberal illusion.

Doug Barber
Crisfield, MD
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