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From: Ted Davis <>
Date: Fri Apr 16 2004 - 14:54:01 EDT

I try to avoid getting involved in too many online conversations, for purely
pragmatic reasons: they take time away from things I consider more important
for me to do--not necessarily more important for other people to do. I've
seen several references lately to Theology Web. Apparently some folks on
this list participate under various names, and I think someone said that the
YEC person Sarfati also participates under one name or another.

I've gone to that site to learn about it. I gather that it's run by a YEC,
the person calling him/herself Dee Dee Warren.

I am not proposing that we talk about this list here, I really don't know
enough about it to do so myself. I am curious to know more, however, and I
invite people to contact me *Privately* with their
impressions/experiences/information about which screennames have been
"outed" and who they are, etc. I might perhaps join it, but I'm still
trying to prevent myself from doing so. My sense is, that this sight is a
very strictly Calvinistic site, except that they seem to ignore Calvin's own
attitudes toward science/accommodation, etc. I understand that language
pretty well.

So, simply for private response, I post some questions. Please respond
only if you have some experience with the theology web, either as a member
or an active observer. And please respond only privately, unless you really
think the list ought to discuss this.



Is this thought (by members of this list) to be an important list, in terms
of its influence on many American Christians?

Who is controlling this list? AIG? Independent people?

Do TEs ever enter the conversation?

What screennames (if any) have been "outed" somewhere? What is yours (if
you care to share it--I'm not going to "out" anyone who doesn't "out"
themselves on the ASA list).

Does anyone ever mention ASA on the list? If so, is it ever in a positive
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