Re: YEC Destroying Faith

From: Phillip Jones <>
Date: Fri Apr 16 2004 - 12:10:29 EDT

I disagree with the assessment that we "shouldn't be on a crusade about
this.' YEC belief does significant damage to the cause of Christ because the
viewpoint portrays Christians as naive and non-intellectual. Thanks to media
coverage of the extremists, there is a widely known assumption that there is
no middle ground with regard to creation. The media exposure leads people to
believe there are only two choices: atheistic evolution or YEC. So when a
Christian attempts to witness to a scientifically inclined non-Christian,
the roadblock of these options stands in the way of message of salvation.

Educating Christians that recognition of Genesis 1-3 as having a theological
meaning as opposed to a scientific meaning does NOT threaten interpretation
of the remainder of the Bible, nor does it reduce the role of Christ. See
these articles for details on this:

If the YEC viewpoint went away, then some of the scientifically inclined
folk (i.e. professionals, amateurs, and people who love to read scientific
literature) would not deem Christianity in contempt, evangelism would be
more effective, AND those Christians who are on the fence of belief vs.
doubt because of internal strife over the creation issue would find peace.


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> That's why I am convinced that we shouldn't be on a crusade about this. It
> is one thing to be a safety net when someone falls. It is yet another
> to "push" them. If we are indeed right, it is better for them to enter the
> Kingdom in error than not to enter at all.
> I understand that faith is better understood as trusting in God's
> than the certitude on facts preached by YEC leaders. But, what a
> wrong-headed approach as Glenn notes above does is to make God out to be a
> liar (or that He simply doesn't exist). How can people trust in that kind
> character? We all agree that YEC can destroy people's faith. But, we also
> need to understand how we can be part of the problem rather than part of
> solution. Having people trust God is far, far more important than winning
> argument.
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