Re: YEC Destroying Faith

From: Rich Blinne <>
Date: Fri Apr 16 2004 - 11:38:12 EDT

On Fri, 16 Apr 2004 06:12:15 -0400, "George Murphy" <>
> Rich Blinne wrote:
> > That's why I am convinced that we shouldn't be on a crusade about this. It
> > is one thing to be a safety net when someone falls. It is yet another thing
> > to "push" them. If we are indeed right, it is better for them to enter the
> > Kingdom in error than not to enter at all.
> True - but! Unless YECs are very effective in shielding themselves & their
> children from the real world, they are going to encounter evidence that
> the earth &
> universe are old, that evolution has occurrred, &c. Is it better for
> them to encounter
> that in a course taught by an atheist at a public university or in some
> type of
> presentation by a Christian?

George, I am not against being proactive here. The temptation, however,
is to be overly zealous. The "liberalism" that Glenn and I are concerned
about is where it is not merely an alternative interpretation of
Scripture but where the divine nature of Scripture itself is dismissed.
If I came to the conclusion that the Bible was merely human, then it
would be worse than useless. It would be how I view the Koran. That is,
it would be evil because it claims to be from God but is not. While we
may disagree about how to interpret Genesis 1, it is undeniable that the
Bible claims a divine origin. If it does not have a divine origin, then
it is a lie and it is morally reprehensible to follow it. As such,
becoming a "liberal" as defined above really isn't an option. Thus, when
discussing this with YECs or ex-YECs, an unequivocal support of Scripture
being God's Word is essential. Otherwise, we are spreading atheism. It is
the minced support of Scripture that makes the YEC and ex-YEC justifiably
suspicious of us. Our yes needs to be yes, and our no, no.
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