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> Then it appears there are lots of ways to make such a
> crisis worse. Different parts of the canon are not
> "true" in lots of ways one might try to read (or read
> into) them. But I think as George and Paul and others
> have amply pointed out the question that the YEC in
> crisis has is not one about "truth", but a particular
> position that the person insists a particular text in
> the bible must comport with. That is myopic, at best.
> The text is what the text is. The reader, ideally,
> earnestly tries to figure out what the text is and
> means rather than insisting a priori that it is X or
> means Y and if it doesn't then it's not "true".

In some sense, this illustrates my point. You don't understand the
logic followed by a YEC and thus don't think doing the above is that

The YEC logic (and I still think it is good)
1. god created the earth
2. God isn't senile so he knows what happened
3. God has a choice--communicate what actually happened at creation or
communicate a fictional account (There is only one thing which actually
4. Blake Nelson tells me that it doesn't have historical truth (thus is
not the thing that actually happened)
5. Therefore the Bible is False, or God isn't telling the truth
6 Both options bad.

> *Shrug*. Then, perhaps, we have a problem bigger than
> their scientific viewpoint. I am hard pressed to
> determine what specifically is "christian" in Genesis
> *without* the understanding of Jesus of Nazareth's
> life, death and resurrection to inform it.

Another illustration of my point. You wouldn't be very helpful in
dealing with that person's crisis, other than to help them along the
road to atheism.
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