RE: YEC Destroying Faith

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Date: Thu Apr 15 2004 - 23:33:26 EDT

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> > I'm not sure whether you categorize me as a "liberal":
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> I wasn't referring to anyone in particular. What I was thinking of when
> I wrote that is the numerous times I have heard people say about such
> situations, when a YEC is having trouble, that what they should do is
> believe that the Bible is
> 1. allegorical
> 2. non-historical
> 3. a poem which teaches us deep truths
> 4. it is a myth
> Etc etc
> The thing people who suggest such things don't realize is that they are
> effectively helping that person to atheism. Given their epistemology
> that the Bible must have historical truth, if one tells them "come on be
> a christian but you don't have to believe it has historical truth," what
> that person is doing is telling them that their worst case scenario has
> just occurred! The bible ISN"T true. That merely makes the crisis
> worse.

That's why I am convinced that we shouldn't be on a crusade about this. It
is one thing to be a safety net when someone falls. It is yet another thing
to "push" them. If we are indeed right, it is better for them to enter the
Kingdom in error than not to enter at all.

I understand that faith is better understood as trusting in God's character
than the certitude on facts preached by YEC leaders. But, what a
wrong-headed approach as Glenn notes above does is to make God out to be a
liar (or that He simply doesn't exist). How can people trust in that kind of
character? We all agree that YEC can destroy people's faith. But, we also
need to understand how we can be part of the problem rather than part of the
solution. Having people trust God is far, far more important than winning an
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