Re: YEC Destroying Faith

From: George Murphy <>
Date: Thu Apr 15 2004 - 08:16:39 EDT

Glenn Morton wrote:
> :-), Well my private message posted to the board will make my more
> liberal friends unhappy again. But what I said, I stand by. I don't
> think most have the foggiest notion of what it is like to leave yec. A
> few do, but most were never there.

        I'm not sure whether you categorize me as a "liberal": I don't. Anyway, I grew
up in church setting in which evolution was rejected & in which YEC was, at least in
theory, held. As a freshman in high school I did a science project called "A Refutation
of the Theory of Evolution." I gradually exited that kind of thing with some temporary
help from "apparent age" & "day-age" notions, & without much trauma of faith or

        The sort of concordism promoted by many on this list (though with little
agreement on what early Genesis is supposed to be in concord with!) can be a helpful
halfway house (nice alliteration) for those exiting YEC. But they can move to more
mature forms of Christianity & not live in the halfway house forever. (& by "more
mature forms of Christianity" I do _not_ mean "liberalism.")

        One of the things that was helpful in my own case is the fact that while the
Missouri Synod does reject evolution & insist on a more or less "literal" interpretation
of early Genesis, it has always held - with the Lutheran tradition in general - that the
gospel of Jesus Christ and the doctrine of justification is the core of Christian faith.
So while dropping the idea that Genesis is accurate history & accepting evolution may be
difficult for a person in that tradition, one needn't feel that the Christian faith
itself is being abandoned. If you've got to grow up as a YEC, have the good fortune to
do it in a church that at least has its priorities straight. Of course that doesn't
help someone in crisis right now in a church that doesn't have its priorities straight
& thinks, e.g.(with Ken Ham), that Genesis is the foundation of Christianity.


George L. Murphy
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