RE: YEC Destroying Faith

From: Glenn Morton <>
Date: Thu Apr 15 2004 - 06:32:08 EDT

You got it pretty much correct. The truth with a captial T is exactly
what drives them in the first place. That is probably more central to
their belief system than the Bible itself.

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> > :-), Well my private message posted to the board will make my more
> > liberal friends unhappy again. But what I said, I stand
> by. I don't
> > think most have the foggiest notion of what it is like to
> leave yec.
> > A few do, but most were never there.
> Sorry about that. To clarify what Glenn is saying, what I
> don't think most liberals get is there really is no "middle
> ground" here. When a YEC falls, he rarely adopts liberal
> forms of Christianity but becomes agnostic/atheistic. Because
> of this those who remain in the YEC camp will treat people
> like Glenn as if he was an atheist because thats where people
> like him often times end up. What former YECs retain is the
> proper notion of what is claimed by Scripture, as Francis
> Shaeffer put it capital-T truth. So, if it is disproven the
> claims force the former YEC adherent to dismiss it
> altogether. I was not personally that deep into YEC, nor for
> very long. But, I was there long enough to understand part of
> the dynamic. Did I get it right, Glenn?
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