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Date: Wed Apr 14 2004 - 22:01:50 EDT

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> My recollection also is that a set of explorations was made
> about 10 years ago based on Gold's ideas and came up null.
> Now if the Mars rover finds oil ... .

Gold talked the Swedes into drilling in igneous rock beneath a meteor
impact on the theory that there would be a fractured reservoir there.
The Sweedish Government went along with it because the voters had just
voted to shut down all nuclear plants. The government knew that they
needed to be able to tell the people that they had done all they could
to find oil before they could go back to the people to get them to
rescend the previous, nutty vote. For the Swedes, the stark reality
that the voters didn't want to believe was that they either had nukes or
imported so much oil that their economy would be harmed, or they cold
freeze in the dark. I know how dark it gets in that part of the world
in the winter, but it gets a bit colder in Sweden than in Aberdeen.
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