Re: Coercion

From: Howard J. Van Till <>
Date: Mon Apr 12 2004 - 20:23:23 EDT

On 4/12/04 7:59 PM, "George Murphy" <> wrote:

> Howard J. Van Till wrote:

>> But the question we were dealing with was, "How can we understand the
>> presence of evil in a world in which an omnipotent God is thought by many:
>> a) to be able and occasionally willing forcefully to intervene (superseding
>> the natural causal chain),
>> b) to be "orchestrating our lives,"
>> c) to be "fully in control," so that
>> d) "God always gets His way."
> Howard -
> I would qualify all of these but focus here on d. There is a big difference
> between saying that God "always gets his way" in the outcome of every event
> and that God
> "always gets his way" eschatologically. The latter seems to me by far the
> better way to
> put it, though still not perfect.


I share some of your concern here, but I am quoting from recent postings as
a means of getting at the theological concepts that lie beneath the surface
of these quotations.

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