Re: Ardipithecus kadabba dated 5.2 to 5.8 million years ago

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> unless they wish to argue that God caused the rift. In that case, the Creator intervened in the physical world to cause a biological effect.<

Of course, this depends on what sort of causation is accepted here; "Design" as used by ID advocates in the context of biological systems raises the problems you note, whereas accepting God's causation along the lines of a traditional understanding of providence disproves the demand for intervention-style action.

>We could call that movement "II" (or "Aye Aye, Sir")<

But aye ayes are lemurs from Madagascar, much further from humans than Ardipithecus.

The genus name is in a footnote in the original article, added in proof (not the best taxonomic practice). Without looking it up, I would add the etymological caution that some of the recently proposed scientific names for hominids have utilized words from local languages. Thus, similarities to Greek roots may be coincidental.

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