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From: Don Perrett <>
Date: Fri Apr 09 2004 - 15:50:40 EDT

George wrote:
        Though it is a traditional western view, I think there is little basis in
scripture - & of course much less in science - for thinking that the human
race in the
beginning was endowed with great knowledge, or even the capability to
acquire it
immediately. The view of the eastern church, according to which the 1st
humans were in
an immature state & were supposed to develop toward what God ultimately
desired for
them, is better. E.g.,

Don P:
George I apologize for the misunderstanding. I was not referring to
intellect, but you actually just stated more or less what I did. I said
that one of our choices was to learn ("develop toward what God
ultimately...." to depend on God or on ourselves and glorify our own
intellect. What I was responding to was
<<<<<SNIP: ...if its every need is immediately supplied.
As for basis in scripture, I doubt anyone will disagree about the meaning of
the bird during the sermon on the mount. And if one believes in Eden, then
it's description of having everything available to Adam and Eve that was
"needed" would also support this view. Point is I am speaking of our needs
to live and grow spiritually. You are referring to man's quest for

        But process theology provides one way of explaining why God does cannot
keep us from causing moral evil. & as for natural evil - try telling
someone whose
child has died of cancer that it wasn't evil.

Don P:
Agreed. One's beliefs and perceptions of reality are the hardest to change.
All things are good, or at the very least neutral. It is only with bad
intent that something can become evil. Example: Killing someone in self
defense is not evil, although unfortunate. Killing someone for the sake of
killing or for selfish gain is evil. So since natural events have no
intentions good or bad, therefore they cannot be evil. If however someone
dies of cancer as the result of someone else's intentions (asbestos) then
the act which caused the cancer is evil not the cancer itself.
Just some insight to my thought processes.

Don Perrett
Genesis Proclaimed Association
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