RE: Faith, Evolution, and Tax Dollars?

From: kbmill <>
Date: Mon Apr 05 2004 - 15:41:32 EDT

In the interest of clarity, I will try to define what I mean by
"intervention." "Intervention" in my useage usually means "breaks in the
chain of cause-and-effect." I try to use this phrase as much as I can to make
my meaning clear. These casual chains are themselves upheld by God's
continuing action.

In a less restrictive sense, "intervention" also implies to me the imposition
of action by an outside cause. As I believe that God is always and intimately
active in creation (immanent), God cannot intervene in natural processes
because God is always there. To use a probably poor metaphor, if someone
intervenes in a game of soccer, they have affected a game in which they were
not previously involved. However, if they were always a player in the game
from the beginning, it would be inappropriate to think of their action as

I do not believe in an autonomous creation independent from the continuing
creative action of God.

I hope this gives some clarity to my remarks.

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