ICR Acts & facts, April 2004

From: John W Burgeson <jwburgeson@juno.com>
Date: Mon Apr 05 2004 - 13:49:11 EDT

The latest Acts & Facts arrived in an oversized envelope.

Inside was the ICR Resource catalog for 2004. A 44 page glossy
publication. Impressive. Books, cassettes, VHS tapes, DVDs, children and
adult Sunday School lessons. Materials for the home-schooler. Some
materials in Spanish. On the back cover a blurb on the ICR museum.

A wealth of material for the science-challenged Christian. I can just see
the librarians at 1000s of churches picking out their materials now.

Jerry Falwell told our president the other day that he represented 80
million people who "stood by him." I presume he referred to those of our
brethren who are, to a large extent, reading and seeing this stuff.

With all this, and with our vice president, Dick Cheney, choosing the
Rush Limbaugh radio program for his latest messages*, I fear both for
Christianity and for our country.

The ICR Acts and Facts shows that there are now several people who have
picked up from Duane Gish and are speaking on "Tours" throughout the
country. ICR writes of a "bank of speakers," and my impression is that
they are doing ten times the "business" that they did a few years ago.

The YECs continue to gain ground.

But then, you knew that.


* See TIME magazine, this week.


Ubi Caritas

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