Re: Faith, Evolution, and Tax Dollars?

From: Keith Miller <>
Date: Mon Apr 05 2004 - 11:45:24 EDT

Just a couple of unoriginal thoughts with regards to ID and the
Anthropic Principle.

Firstly, as has been stated, the modern ID movement was not the
originator of the concept of fine tuning and the Anthropic Principle.
This is not something new that ID has brought into the discussion. I
do see fine tuning as it applies to the fundamental properties of the
universe to be a valid line of reasoning.

However, the interventionism that underlies much of the ID critique of
biological evolution seems to me clearly at odds with a strong fine
tuning argument. This has been pointed out previously by others on
this list. Fine tuning argues that initial conditions were so
established by God that they permitted the subsequent outworking of
God's creative will. In Van Till's terminology the creaturely
capacities to fully actualize God's creative will were already present
in the properties of the universe. This is consistent with the
continuity of cause-and-effect processes in creation history, it is
not consistent with the necessity for God to intervene or break causal

It seems to me that we run into a dissonance if we try to argue
simultaneously for fine tuning and interventionism. I get the
impression of individuals grasping at whatever argument seems to work
rhetorically in a given context, rather than developing a cohesive and
internally consistent argument.


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