Re: Faith, Evolution, and Tax Dollars?

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Subject: Faith, Evolution, and Tax Dollars?

> Have you seen this article? Comments?
> Taxpayers fund site pushing religious Darwinism
> Website encourages teachers to use faith in defending theory

I like what's already been said and have this to add,

1) Panda's thumb blog is discussing this,

What's nice about these blogs and the comments is the
participation of several Real Attorneys discussing the
legal issues. Francis Beckwith and Paul Nelson are
participating in these threads as well.

2) It never fails to astonish me how rapidly DI press
releases disseminate. The press release (on their
website) and the National Review online article (that
has West's byline) April 1 and WND today. The
other part that is interesting is that the WND article is
more or less a cut and paste from the two DI articles,
with a few modified words. I don't really find that to
be acceptable journalism.

3) West is very high on this "church of darwin" idea;
that was quite apparent from his testimony in Texas,
in which he bitterly complained about the religious
views of Darwinists. His attack on the NCSE is
unsurprising in this context.

4) West's attack and article as George has sort-of
alluded to is also yet another installment in the DI's
continuing saga of undermining religious people who do
not reject evolution.. As much as they claim to speak for
a *generic* theism, and that they coyly refuse to discuss
doctrinal issues, they are the ones who flatly reject any
religious view that does not conform with their
standards of ideological purity, which tho difficult to
parse, appear to revolve around the rejection of
Darwinism (whatever that is supposed to be!).
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