Re: choking on RFEP, a "post script" on deism

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Date: Fri Apr 02 2004 - 08:04:59 EST

Ted Davis wrote:

> Genuine deism, that is the historical animal the corresponds to the
> position articulated by people like Jefferson or Franklin or Hume, is
> characterized by at least two quite different things.

Was David Hume actually a deist? I have read some of
his writing, but even in the most philosophical texts
where I have seen him quoted, his writing is typically
used to support a clearly straight faced atheist slant.
Any his usual introduction in philosophy is over the
issue of George Berkeley. I can see where a naturalist
(and deist) view would conflict with inmaterialism anyway,
but I would find myself rather disappointed at the spin that
some of my philosophy professors have put on Hume if he
was actually a deist.

by Grace alone we proceed,
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