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From: Dick Fischer <>
Date: Sat Feb 28 2004 - 14:50:11 EST

Jadk wrote:

>Im sorry to be a pest, but that didnt really answer my question. My
>theological probelm isnt that there were other homo sapiens running around
>before, and during Adams time. My problem is with those homo sapiens
>being considered "genuinely human", and falling under the curse of Adam's
>sin, and benefitting from the grace of Christs death. I do not see any
>biblical support for that. I would have to consider the preadamite
>hominids as a part of creation that Man has dominion over. In other
>words, biologically human, but spiritually something else.

Can't live with a little uncertainty? Perhaps you ask questions that can't
be answered. What happens to babies who die without being baptized, or
even if they are baptized? What happens to primitive natives who die
without ever hearing the gospel? What happened to pre-Adamites when they
died? What happened to co-Adamites living contemporarily with Adam who
never met the man?

I could go on, but I think you get the picture. All data is open to
interpretation. All I can do is give you my opinion which may be an
educated opinion, but only an opinion which I would not defend with vigor.

It is possible that nothing different happened to genuine human beings
living before the time of accountability when they died than what now
happens to a pet hamster when it dies. It simply contributes to the cycle
of life by providing nutritional elements to hungry plants.

Or, if God wished to treat humans differently because they were imbued with
a soul from even before the time of Adam, He could simply recycle those
souls into future human beings. Don't paint me into a corner on that. I
don't know God's plan. I know what I might do if I was in His position
which I can assure you emphatically I am not!

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