Ken Ham

From: John W Burgeson <>
Date: Sat Feb 28 2004 - 15:40:47 EST

>>To be fair, whether you agree with Ken Ham or not, given that he
genuinely believes what he preaches, you have to admire him. I don't
always agree with him or his attitude but there is a lot that I can learn
from him in terms of being a heartfelt fisher of men for my God.>>

What can I learn?

1. When I call fellow Christians heretics, apostates, evil,
non-Christians, etc. I am simply doing what Jesus would do.

2. When I tell people my ad hoc speculations as reasons to believe a
literal genesis, I am simply doing good science.

3. When I say that a literal reading of genesis is the only firm
foundation for Christianity, I am simply doing good theology.

4. When I denigrate any theology but my own, I am simply "being true to
what I KNOW."

Sorry. I find nothing I can learn from Ken Ham, or his chief spokesman,
Jon Sarfati, that seems useful. I accept both of them as my fellow
Christians (they do not accept me, BTW), but all I can feel for them is

Burgy (A Habitat for Humanity story)

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