Scriptural errors (was Hyers' Article - Cods Wallop!)

From: John W Burgeson <>
Date: Sat Feb 28 2004 - 16:06:06 EST

>>But let us say we could isolate a genuine biblical statement that was
undeniably false and couldn't be attributable to a scribal gloss, or a
miscopied letter, or anything other than the writer made a bona fide
misstatement of fact. Would that not constitute solid evidence that
Scripture was uninspired? Or should we conclude that the Holy Spirit,
who inspired the writer, is just mistaken from time to time? >>

I start with the premise that at least one "genuine biblical statement"
has been identified as "undeniably false and cannot be attributed to
anything than a factual misstatement."

That premise, of course, can be and often is debated, but that is another

My claim is that the truth of that premise does not constitute "solid
evidence" that Scripture was (is) uninspired.

The book by Davis I have referenced before fleshes that claim out as well
as any I have seen. My notes on that book are at the site below.


Notes on The Debate about the Bible, Inerrancy vs. Infallibility, by
Stephen T. Davis. 1977. Philadelphia, Pa; Westminster Press.
Bibliography, endnotes. ISBN 0-664-24119.0.

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