Re: How to interpret Adam (was: Re: Kerkut)

From: Dick Fischer <>
Date: Thu Feb 26 2004 - 21:31:21 EST

George wrote:

>Where, _in the biblical text_, is any pre-Adamite?

Well, Cain's first concern was that somebody would kill him. And God took
action by giving him a "mark" of safe passage. And Cain builds a
"city." Who collected the trash? Then we have "Nephilim" (giants) in the
pre flood period (Gen. 6:4), and in the post flood period (Num.13:33). And
in Deuteronomy, we find Emims, Anakims and Zamsummims who don't appear in
the table of nations.

Admittedly, the evidence is sparse, but these could be construed as clues
at the very least. And it is consistent with what we know about the
populated nature of the world at 7,000 to 6,000 years ago.

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