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LOL, my last comment that you mentioned is based on my understanding of the Bible alone, what other evidence is needed?

Actually Dick I was just reading your article on the asa website, on the search for the historic Adam. And I am in agreement with you for most of what you say, and will use it a reference for data and evidence. I have long thought that the evidence of the first agricultural communities probably coorelated with Adam's time.

I even agree with you about the nephilim, and I think that the "genuine humans" the adamites if you will, and the "others" the preadamites, probably coexisted and interbred up until the time of Noah. And, in fact, this interbreeding was one of the reason that the flood occured. Now, I know you will claim that there is no evidence that there was worldwide flood, and that it was regional only. But, I think it is clear, from biblical evidence alone, that something worldwide and significant happened during Noah's time, and Noahs descendants, then repopulated the Earth, and the "others" were no more, at least that is how I see it. It is possible I suppose that the interbreeding up until that time, was enough to account for the genetic variation we see today. I think this is more acceptable than the idea that some of current peoples are descendants of the "others"

I still see Adam as unique. Man (Adam) was placed in dominion over all of creation. He was unique, was in the image of God, perhaps this means that he had a soul. And therefore would also be in dominion over all of the preadamites. That is how I see it. Adam was meant to be immortal, but died when he sinned. The preadamites obviously were mortal and died before Adam. Adams sin did not bring death to them. Similarly, even though the preadamites were homo sapiens, they were not human, in the sense that they were created in the image of God. I suspect they were like animals and other sub-human creation in that sense, and couldnt sin any more than an animal can sin.

BTW, as a Calvinist I have to disagree about the infant thing. We are born sinners. We may not hold them accountable, but God does. ;)
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  Jack wrote:

    So you think that there are "genuine humans" i.e. those created in the image
    of God, theologically defined Man, that were around tens of thousands, or
    more, years before Adam could have existed?

  If being "in the image" means being a representative of God, then that honor falls first to only one man - Adam of Genesis. Biological human beings can extend back in time a hundred thousand, or even a few million of years depending on how we wish to define various mammalian bipeds.

    Do you believe that Adam was a true historical figure? Lets assume that is
    the case for a second, and Adam was "created" 7000 or so years ago.

    The theological problem with this view, is that sin entered the world
    through Adam, and death through sin. I dont think you believe that all the
    preadamites were immortal or sinless do you? Your scenario would require

  An infant is fully human. We don't hold them accountable or punish them for misdeeds until they reach an age where they can begin to understand the consequences of their actions - right from wrong. Humans in their infancy were unaccountable, in my estimation. Adam began the era of accountability, being in the "image of God." It was Adam's mission to bring the heathen into the knowledge of God and teach them the virtues of righteous living and obedience to our Creator. Then Adam himself disobeyed - and you know the rest of the story.

    So, to summarize what I think the bible clearly tells us: Adam was a true
    historic figure, he was the first "genuine human", and he brought sin and
    death to all men.

  I'm glad to see someone pays attention! Check out our web site, and get all the supporting data and evidence.

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