RE: How to interpret Adam (was: Re: Kerkut)

From: Dick Fischer <>
Date: Thu Feb 26 2004 - 09:03:13 EST

Guy wrote:

>My question: If Adam and Eve weren't historical figures, then how can Jesus
>be descended from them in a meaningful way?

He couldn't be descended in any way. Nonexistent fathers don't have flesh
and blood sons (or Sons).

>Isn't the whole life, death and resurrection of Jesus related to the fact
>that he is descended from Adam?

Where do you get these ideas? Have you been reading the Bible, Guy? In
essence, this is the equivalent of a tautology, a perpetual motion machine,
the idea you can get something for nothing. We don't permit such nonsense
in our science, but in our religion - that's okay! Everybody knows you
have to have a little nonsense in your faith, else wise, why would we call
it "faith"? That's what makes science and religion so much fun. What group
of scientists ever gathered together and drank lethal Kool Aid?

So what you do is learn science, and then abandon all you know when it
comes to religion. After all, it is only the hope of eternal life hanging
in the balance for those who choose to not believe, not anything really
important like who wins the Super Bowl or something.

>If I am not descended from Adam, how have my sins been atoned for in the way
>the bible says?

Christ told his disciples to "Go ye into all the world" and preach to
"every creature" (Mark 16:15). His disciples didn't ask which ones.

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