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Sounds like warmed over Ham.

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> Here is another chilling development, received from TFN.
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> Falwell Confidential
> Date: February 19, 2004
> From: Jerry Falwell
> If The Foundations Be Destroyed
> Can present-day social clashes - such as homosexual marriage and
> religious
> expression in the public square - be traced back to the foundations of
> our
> world in Genesis chapter 1? Ken Ham, the founder of Answers in
> Genesis ( ), says they certainly can.
> Mr. Ham's contention is that church leaders throughout the centuries have
> consented to secular notions that counter the biblical account of
> creation.
> By doing so, these theologians and clerics have allowed the absolute
> authority of the Bible to be challenged.
> Since the foundations of biblical truth were allowed to be challenged,
> subsequent generations have continued to venture further and further from
> the Bible's dictates, choosing instead to follow social whims and
> impulses.
> It is no wonder then that we find ourselves, as a nation, clashing over
> social issues that were once non-issues when the Bible was revered as
> ultimate truth by our churches, our schools and even by our government.
> But our nation has turned its collective back on the Word of God.
> Pollster George Barna recently found that four-of-every-ten people
> involved
> in Christian discipleship programs believe that there is no such thing as
> absolute truth. And only 44 percent of adults - and only 9 percent of
> teenagers - said that they are certain of the existence of absolute moral
> truth.
> It's really no wonder that we are losing the battle on homosexual
> marriage
> and other critical cultural issues today.
> Mr. Ham, speaking at Thomas Road Baptist Church on February 15, said the
> reason for this is quite simple: we are today missing church leadership
> that
> recognizes the Bible as the absolute authority.
> I know it's not a popular notion to believe in Satan - or an ultimate
> evil,
> for that matter - but the Apostle Paul warned in II Corinthians 11 that
> Satan would use the same method that he used with Eve to convince us not
> to
> fully believe the word of God.
> "He wants us to doubt the authority of the Word that will lead to
> unbelief," said Mr. Ham.
> He diagramed how bygone theologians began to accept evolutionary thought.
> Initially, they said they could accept the conclusion that the earth must
> be
> millions of years old. They concluded that this was all right - that
> doesn't affect the Bible in any way. But they had to subsequently
> reinterpret the six days of creation. So they placed millions of years
> or
> long ages between the days of creation. So the day-age theory came
> about,
> and then the gap theory which placed millions of years between the first
> two verses of Genesis. And then theologians, now on an uncontrollable
> slippery
> slope, concluded that Darwinian evolution could be combined with biblical
> teaching.
> When we compromise the ultimate truth of the Bible, chaos is the ultimate
> outcome.
> "If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?" (Psalm
> 11:3)
> These church leaders who allowed the notion of evolution to be combined
> with biblical teachings actually unlocked the door to undermine biblical
> authority, Mr. Ham said.
> The outcome is that many Americans, believing that the Bible's history to
> be inaccurate, now disbelieve many other parts of the Bible. If one part
> of it
> can be challenged, why should the rest of it be believed?
> It's a worthy question.
> That's why it is so important to defend the Bible's ultimate truth. Mr.
> Ham said that when increasing numbers of church leaders give up Genesis
> as the
> foundation for the Bible's absolute authority, our basis for right and
> wrong is challenged. We can no longer effectively teach that marriage is
> designed
> by God for one man and one woman.
> "Because if you reinterpret the Bible's history, why not reinterpret the
> Bible's morality?" he asked. "And don't we see that happening in this
> culture? We see the increase in secular thinking. ... because we have
> lost
> biblical authority."
> Ultimately, the compromise of the church has led to the increasing
> attacks
> on the authority of the Word of God. Disbelief has swept through the
> culture of England and we are not far behind.
> Mr. Ham said the response of the church cannot be, "Trust in Jesus,"
> because much of the world does not believe in the ultimate truth of the
> Bible
> anymore. Simply saying "trust in Jesus" is preposterous if people have
> become convinced that the Bible is just another book.
> That's where Answers in Genesis comes in. I believe this organization is
> developing into one of the most important Christian ministries in the
> world.
> They are now building a massive Creation Museum near the Cincinnati
> International Airport, which will skillfully address the issues of
> Genesis
> and further defend the foundations of the Bible.
> Answers in Genesis is designed to help the church restore the authority
> of
> the Word of God and give the answers to evolutionary thought. Because of
> this ministry, ministers across the nation can preach the Christian
> message
> to a culture that has been taught that the Bible cannot be trusted. The
> organization is equipping the church with answers so that we can defend
> the
> faith and challenge the church concerning compromise.
> Please visit their website ( ) to learn
> moreabout their efforts. Mr. Ham hopes the result of this vital new
> project is
> a new reformation.
> The time for this ministry is now because our politically-correct society
> is sanctioning whatever social fad comes down the path. If we are to
> alter the
> present course of our nation it will be because - and only because - the
> church daringly declares the foundational truths of God's Word that is
> just
> as pertinent to people today as it was when it was written.
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