Re: How to interpret Adam (was: Re: Kerkut)

From: William Hamilton <>
Date: Wed Feb 25 2004 - 20:03:36 EST

On Wednesday, February 25, 2004, at 10:09 AM, John W Burgeson wrote:

> So -- what defines a person as a Christian?
> 1. Intellectual belief in one or more facts (or alleged facts)
> 2. Doing good works
> 3. Having an emotional experience (say -- like Pascal's)
> 4. Something else
1. Jesus Christ is God's only begotten son
2. He was crucified, dead and buried
3. On the third day he rose again
4. By his death he atoned for the sins of the world

That in itself would make my answer in category 1 above. However, I
also have a relationship with him that began through his taking the
initiative and led to my praying to receive Christ, after which I
received an assurance that he had indeed moved into my life. So more
than belief in facts, it's a relationship.

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