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From: Jim Armstrong <>
Date: Wed Feb 25 2004 - 11:43:48 EST

...And here I thought that the issue was not that Adam did my sinning
for me, but that I was accountable for my own! The Adam(kind?) and
Eve(kind?) narrative is about how sin and its consequences originated.
But I am puzzled about the compelling need to hang onto a real
historical Adamic sin lest our own need for redemption go away. Is our
own errancy insufficient? Is the business of hanging onto Adam's
culpability a matter of somehow diminishing our own? While that sort of
transferrance of guilt is sort of fashionable in our time, I think it
misses a major point of Scripture. JimA

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> If Adam is seen as the federal head, and not the biological head of
> the human race, we are all held accountable by Adam's sin as he sinned
> for us all. Just as we are saved by Christ (even though we are not
> related to Christ) when he died for all.
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