Re: Hyers' Article - Still Cods Wallop!

From: Dick Fischer <>
Date: Tue Feb 24 2004 - 21:10:55 EST

Brian wrote:

>No offense, Dick, but your level of argumentation has fallen to the level
>of the typical Answers In Genesis type response. I would hope you could
>do better than

You said, "The fact that the writer _means_ normal solar days is evidence
against thinking he is _referring_ to normal solar days." I take that
statement to mean that you interpret the "days" of creation as 24-hour
periods, and you believe that is what the writer meant. However, the world
and universe in which we live won't acquiesce. And the world and universe
are unrelenting.

So that leaves us two options. Either the Bible writer was in error, or
you misunderstand the writer. So choose.

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