BIBLE The scientific proof of the existence of the soul (and God)

From: marco biagini <>
Date: Tue Feb 24 2004 - 10:49:39 EST

I am a christian physicist and I would like to invite you in my site where
I analyse the incongruencies of the materialistic conception of the mind, on
the basis of our present scientific knowledges about brain and matter.
This analysis points out how Quantum Electrodynamics proves that the
brain cannot generate consciousness, which existence implies the presence
in man of a unbiological/unmaterial element. The problem of consciousness is
then strictly connected to the one of the existence of the soul and,
consequently, the existence of God.

( with some browsers, such as Netscape, Mozilla, etc. it is better the
following link )

Yours in Christ

Marco Biagini

Ph.D. Graduated in Solid State Physics.

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