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Date: Fri Feb 20 2004 - 17:54:36 EST

Hi everyone,

For what it's worth, Jack Haas and I have been moving as much of the
old ASA Journal and Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith. All
of the 80's, 90's, and thru March 2001 is there. We have made a big
dent into the 70's as well.

Most issues get indexed as being on the web and so if you use the
search tool for the journal articles that are on the web show up with
a link. You can also browse Tables of Contents. If the article is
on-line there is a link to it from the Table of Contents. Also, there
are long lists of on-line articles sorted by date and by author. You
can also browse through the directories where these journal articles
are stored on-line by going to . There
are sub-directories for each year and then you see the file names of
the articles--the first author's name usually appears in the

The Hyers article was put up in the normal course of implementing
this project that we have been working for the past several years.
Another related article that some may be interested in is the Hummel
article reprinted from his book *The Galileo Connection*.

You can access this material at


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