From: George Murphy <>
Date: Fri Feb 20 2004 - 17:25:17 EST

Michael Roberts wrote:
> Total agreement with Ted and thanks for the Silliman ref.
> The way I see people coping with Genesis, especailly if they have escaped
> from YEC is that they will adopt all sorts of interpretative schemes, some
> good, some bad. I am reluctant to knock any very hard here if someone, say,
> adopts the classic Schofield Gap Theory after escaping from YEC, sharp
> attacks could destroy them. They need time to work through the issues. As
> far as I am concerned if a Christian accepts the earth to be over a million
> years old and that Genesis One is not about 6 24 hours days , then they are
> like the US forces on Omaha beach or rather on the cliffs above on 7 June
> 1944. The rest are mopping up operations, including the battle of the Bulge,
> a longer version of which to continue my WWII analogy began in 1961 with
> TGF.
> We dont need internecine battles over the exact nature of Genesis 1 to 11 as
> we have enough battles with YEC and atheistic evolutionists.

        I agree that various kinds of concordist interpretations of Genesis, including
even gap theory & day-age correlation, are OK as halfway houses for Christians coming
out of YEC. But they become problematic when people start promoting them forcefully as
THE correct interpretation, the answer we should have known X years ago, etc. & if the
theological significance of Adam & Eve are destroyed for the sake of a spurious
historicity then criticism is necessary.


George L. Murphy
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