RE: Archaeological problems with the Origins Solution

From: Glenn Morton <>
Date: Thu Feb 19 2004 - 21:07:18 EST

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   I think I'm just getting tired, Glenn. Or maybe, rounding numbers
doesn't matter all that much. The Cambrian Period jumped from 575 million
to 530 million years in my lifetime. I saw them change the data cards at
the Smithsonian Institute. How did that happen? Where was I when 45
million years of history disappeared? I know, your're going to say it was
simply re-calibrated. Okay, but if 45 million years can disappear without a
whimper, it seems to me that a few hundred years plus or minus doesn't mean
a whole lot when we are dealing with a period of history that stretches from
about 7,000 years ago to about 4,000 years ago from Adam to Abraham.

  GRM: It didn't disappear. It just moved back to the Pre-cambrian. We've
probably beaten this to death now.
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