RE: Archaeological problems with the Origins Solution

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Date: Wed Feb 18 2004 - 20:15:33 EST

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>>>>It's the tail wagging the dog. From all I can tell, the type of animal
sacrifice that was a covering for sin - the shed blood of an unblemished
animal - can not be found prior to about 7,000 BC which I believe to be the
time of Adam. So the time of Adam and the time of the beginning of animal
blood sacrifice do appear to coincide, which is what we should expect if
Adam was the first to use this method given him by God.<<<<<

UHHHH, how does one tell that the people didn't think some of the pre-7000
BC animals weren't unblemished? You don't have writing, all you have is
bone to look at today. This seems a bit of a stretch.

Secondly, you have now changed the date for the advent of significant animal
sacrifice. In the book it is 4500 BC. Why the change?

Dick wrote:
>>>>>On the other hand, if you are trying to tie Adam and animal sacrifice
together in order to push him back into a time frame consistent with your
method of apology, you have your work cut out for you, and I don't think
Ainu suckling bears will do it.<<<<<

Dick, I told you to forget my views. this has nothing to do with my views.
I don't believe you have an archaeological fact to stand on. I don't even
want to incorporate into my views this concept of unblemished animal
sacrifice. And you have changed the nature of that. In one of your emails it
was domesticated animal, not unblemished. You keep changing the game with
each email.

Dick wrote:

>>>But the sacrifice issue is only one point, and a minor one at that, in my
estimation. You didn't begin to address all the references in Genesis that
demand that Adam and Noah must belong to Neolithic times - livestock,
farming, tents, stringed musical instruments, articles of bronze and iron.
And some kind of semi-sophisticated tools would have been necessary to build
an ark. Tools not found in the stone age.<<<

I don't care about that, I am focusing on the lack of archaeological support
for your claims about sacrifice. That is the issue, the only issue. I am
not trying to steal your idea of sacrifice to band-aid onto my ideas. I am
merely saying that your views on animal sacrifice as laid out in your book
don't match observation.
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