RE: Archaeological problems with the Origins Solution

From: Dick Fischer <>
Date: Mon Feb 16 2004 - 22:46:44 EST

Glenn wrote:

>I had written:
> > >Dick, DICK!! LOOK AT BRUNIQUEL!!!! Not ony did they burn meat,
> > the burned
> > >the dead bear!!! The Neandertals got a bear to go underground (or killed
> > >him at the surface and dragged him there). But they burned the meat and
> > >all!
> >
> > And ate it.
>And exactly what do you think the Jewish priests did with the bulls, bears,
>turtledoves etc. That they sacrificed???? They ate it.
> I think you're grasping at straws here my friend. You have
> > just enough data to speculate and not enough to prove your case. But even
> > if you had Polaroid pictures of Neanderthals offering up bear
> > sacrifices, it
> > wouldn't change the time and place of Adam's appearance.
>You entirely miss my point. It isn't about Adam's first appearance. It is
>that animal sacrifice goes way back before the time you claim Adam appeared.

You have speculated or surmised or hypothesized that animal sacrifice goes
way back. But Adam's time frame isn't dependent upon when they first
performed animal sacrifice. And I may be wrong, but I don't think bears
are indigenous to Iraq.

>For once, think about the implications of data to your views, and not to
>what I believe. Your theory has a major archaeological problem that you
>have to squirm really hard to avoid.

Skip to the flood for a minute, archaeologists found layers of "water-laid
clay" at five major cities in Mesopotamia. Four flood accounts from that
region parallel the Genesis flood. The flood is mentioned in subsequent
writings, even in the Bible. Yet you can't figure out a suitable landing
site, so you ignore an abundance of evidence just to drive Noah back into a
convenient spot that will fit your theory.

Now, you do the same thing with Adam. These cave bears are red
herrings. Look at how you answer the next questions:

> > Between Adam and Noah we have cities, farming, livestock, stringed musical
> > instruments, implements of bronze and iron. When did they build cities?
> > When were crops raised? When were animals domesticated? When
> > were stringed
> > instruments invented? When was the Bronze Age? When was the Iron Age?
>Irrelevant because animal sacrifice to unseen deities took place with
>animals most assuredly raised in one's domestic home, long before 4500 BC

See. You can't answer the questions. No instruments of bronze and iron
have been found that date early enough to give you any support. So why did
the Bible writer include all that information if we just toss it all out
because of an ancient bear cult? Adam and Noah belong to the Neolithic
age. That's the only answer that makes any sense.

>I had written:
> > It still sets up two populations. BTW, my wife really does like
> > the idea of
> > being superior to me as she has suspected all these years.
>Dick replied:
> >
> > Well, she probably listens :>).
>Yes, she is much nicer than I and people actually like her. But she was
>disappointed to hear that you don't think she had the image of God because
>she is in the wrong side of the Semitic family.

And you and I were born outside of it completely! Just tell her the whole
social order changed when the angel rolled away the stone. The Pharisees
had been in the "image" and look what they did with it. In the New
Testament, the only ones in the image were Christ and followers of
Christ. And that includes you and me, my friend. Image bearers

> > I do have that little telltale bump at the base of my scull. So, Cheers!
>So you are one of those boat rowers?

The thought of being surrounded by hungry dinosaurs wasn't appealing.

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