Canadian Coal - Return to the roots

From: Kevin Sharman <>
Date: Sun Feb 15 2004 - 21:03:12 EST

Hi Bill,

Now that you have stated (Feb 4) that you "would like to develop this model
to incorporate one Flood that would be directly or indirectly responsible
for all of the coal seams worldwide" I think we should revisit the roots
below J seam in my photos at The
photos show vertical and radiating roots originating from the bottom contact
of J seam. The mainstream view, and the one I have been advocating, is that
the vertical and radiating roots grew in situ in the shoreface sand. Your
position as I understand it is that these roots were emplaced vertically by
settling from a floating mat. The problem is, you don't have an explanation
for how vertical roots could be emplaced in a shoreface sand: You stated
(Jan. 19) "You seem to be hanging your hat on the vertical roots.For the
sake of argument I'll admit that I don't have a ready answer to explain
vertical roots in a high-energy sand environment."

So, since you don't have an explanation at the moment, you have not
successfully challenged my position. The only alternatives that I see for
you are to come up with an explanation or agree that they are in situ. You
have stated (Dec 19): "I agree that the radiating roots in your last photos
are, as far as I can tell, "identical to ones that grow in place today." If
the roots are indeed in situ, then a flood/floating mat origin for these
roots is out.

If you want to call these roots pre-flood, then you have a lot of earth
history to cram into the pre-flood period of a few thousand years, including
deposition of coal in the Devonian through lower Cretaceous. So then these
coals would not be Flood coals. If you want to call these roots post-flood,
then you need to explain the origin of all the coals that post-date these
ones, including some huge Tertiary seams.

So, no matter how you look at it, a Flood origin for the roots below J seam,
and the rest of the geologic column, looks like it's unsupportable. Is it
time to abandon your Flood coal model?

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