Re: A new development in renewable fuels

From: Jim Armstrong <>
Date: Sat Feb 14 2004 - 19:50:09 EST

Perhaps it can be processed geothermally!? There would be transportation
costs to be considered, but there are always those. JimA

William Hamilton wrote:

> On Saturday, February 14, 2004, at 09:40 AM, Glenn Morton wrote:
>> My problem with this is that there are many analyses which show that
>> ethanol, overall, is an energy negative proposition. Thus it won't
>> become a
>> major input to the supposed hydrogen economy. The basic problem with
>> the
>> hydrogen economy is that there are no hydrogen mines, no hydrogen
>> wells, and
>> thus one must use other energy to create the hydrogen with the requisite
>> loss of useful work in the process.
>> Whether ethanol will work is still questionable in my mind. The
>> studies I
>> have seen have the USDA and Corn grower's associations supporting
>> studies
>> which show that ethanol is energy positive, and others like David
>> Pimental
>> saying it takes 29 percent more energy to form ethanol. One corn
>> grower's
>> association study which said that ethanol was energy positive, didn't
>> account for the energy to build the machinery needed to farm the corn.
> This device may save some of the energy input because you don't have
> to separate the water from the ethanol. However, you do have to heat
> the mixture to 500 C. I now have a .pdf of the article I can ship to
> those interested.
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