Re: Pejudice? Cowardice? Re: A Peace Proposal

From: Roger G. Olson <>
Date: Fri Feb 13 2004 - 16:02:51 EST


I intended to send you pearls for this post, but then I realized this
isn't :-) Anyway, Burgy, good point!


> Glenn wrote: "To claim that the individual lay follower of
> either position is exempt from blame is like saying the German citizens
> who
> lived through the holocaust but did and said nothing were blameless.
> They
> weren't. The laity on one side or the other isn't entirely blameless.
> To
> act as if they are sheep denies them their humanity and ability to think
> for
> themselves. They choose not to think."
> I'll have to take issue with both the comparison and the conclusion.
> The German civilians, at least those who lived near the ovens, knew (1)
> something horrible was happening and (2) it was an important thing to
> notice & study. They also knew that (3) their very lives were in danger
> should they become so curious.
> The Christian laity who accept YEC have none of the above characteristics
> to deal with. (1) They recognize t hat there is controversy, but, if
> their interests, jobs, etc. are in other fields, all they are aware of is
> a few scientists squabbling over arcane details; nothing "horrible"
> going on. (2) Suppose your job is clerking at a department store. Or
> working in the accounts receivable office. Or building houses, Or even
> doing aircraft engineering (one of my own dear YEC friends). The question
> of origins is not very important. Let the experts quibble. Just believe
> the gospel and go on. (3) Nobody dies when Ken Ham spouts forth his
> nonsense.
> So I do not fault my aircraft engineering friend for "not thinking" about
> origins. And he does not fault me for not spending more time
> understanding aircraft engineering, even though I was once on his board
> of directors. I was there because I understood computer programming, not
> aircraft engineering -- he did not want to think about computer
> programming either.
> Burgy
> (A Habitat for Humanity story)
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