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> Fred Hoyle was responsible for coining the term "Big Bang" (which he
> did not believe in, at least at the time). He also thought global
> warming was a good thing which should be encouraged, in order to
> protect us from the next ice age.

Yeah and he thought that disease came from space, I suspect he never gave up
the Steady State theory because that tied directly into why he thought life
and disease came from space (too little time for evolution in a finite-aged
universe). He also, with Narlikar, wrote a fascinating book _Action at a
Distance in Physics and Cosmology_ which was the first book I read to
discuss advanced solutions to the electromagnetic wave equation. (p. 31-32).
Most people thought he was a crank in his later years and given that he
refused to accept the clear evidence for the Big Bang (for theological
reasons--he thought it was religious) he probably was.
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