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Restricting the Cosmic Dance Article:

Dinosaur Religion:

Dr. Hyers' excellent book, "The Meaning of Creation"

I once spoke with Dr. Hyers on the phone. He is a kind-hearted soul who
genuinely feels that the meaning of the Genesis text is undermined by the common
literal interpretation. During our conversation, he explained that contrary to
what his opponents claim, he is a "conservative Christianity" because of his
efforts to conserve the original meaning of the text, whereas his opponents, who
deem themselves as conservatives, are trying to conserve traditional

> Ted writes
> "Ted: The single most effective article I use with my own students, in most
> of my classes, is Conrad Hyers' article, "Dinosaur Religion: On Interpreting
> and Misinterpreting the Creation Texts," published in PSCF in Sept 1984. I
> hope that everyone notices this: if you are teaching about "science and the
> Bible," this article is simply required reading for you and your students!
> This conclusion is based on twenty years of teaching about science and
> religion, I don't recommend this article lightly. It's available,
> incidentally, on the ASA website. "
> Do you happen to have the hyperlink to this article on the ASA website?
> Thanks!
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