Geologic sequence in Colorado (was: Can. Coal)

From: Steven M Smith <>
Date: Thu Feb 05 2004 - 19:24:03 EST

Bill Payne wrote in response to Kevin:
<<I tend to take a literal view of Genesis. The purpose of this endeavor I
am embarked upon is to see how closely I can come to explaining geology
within the literal, YEC Biblical model. Supernova SN1987A (I think Glenn
discusses this on his website) gives me pause as far as a recent creation
of the universe, and Steven Smith posted a year or two ago a good summary
of the sequence of geologic events in Colorado (?) which I can't explain
within the YEC framework. Steven, if you have the location of that post
handy you might want to let us know again where it is. In answer to a
question you've posed a couple of times, yes, I would like to develop
this model to incorporate one Flood that would be directly or indirectly
responsible for all of the coal seams worldwide.>>

Hi Bill,

Yes. I'm still lurking on this list - although I'm usually at least a day
or two behind in reading postings. The advantage to this tardiness is that
most things I'm tempted to comment on are well answered before I even read
the question!

The post that you're referring to is in the ASA archives for January 2001
at <>. Four years ago!
Amazing how time flies, isn't it?

It was due to encounters with geologic details such as those I listed in
this January 2001 post that caused me to rethink the YEC ideas I'd been
taught. I couldn't reconcile all those details with any YEC flood scenario
or theology. That was the beginning of my journey in science/faith issues.

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