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>Any comments or insights on the recent debate in Georgia about avoiding use
>of the word "evolution" in school textbooks?
>I must say that I can understand Kathy Cox's reasons for wanting to avoid
>the word itself (but not the actual teaching of the topic) because it turns
>people off before they have studied the biology and evidence, etc.
>However, based on the reaction, her proposal seems to have backfired.
>I was somewhat surprised and impressed that Jimmy Carter made a statement
>about the affair (apparently in support of keeping full treatment of
>evolution by name as well as content). I can't say that I am in any way an
>expert on Jimmy Carter, but I am usually impressed by what I hear about him
>when his name comes up in the news. Here's a Christian who seems to have
>his head screwed on correctly!
This just in:

State superintendent drops plan to change wording
The Associated Press
Updated: 1:13 p.m. ET Feb. 05, 2004

ATLANTA - Georgia's school superintendent Thursday dropped plans to
remove the word "evolution" from the state's high school science curriculum.

"I will recommend to the teacher teams that the word 'evolution' be put
back in the curriculum," Kathy Cox said in a statement.

Cox said she originally wanted to replace "evolution" with the phrase
"biological changes over time" to avoid controversy.

"Instead, a greater controversy ensued," she said.

The proposal drew widespread criticism. Former President Carter said it
exposed the state to nationwide ridicule.

The proposed change was included in more than 800 pages of draft
revisions to the curriculum posted last month on the Department of
Education's Web site. The changes are scheduled to go before the state
Board of Education for a vote in May.
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