Re: Kerkut (was: Re: A case for Christianity that does use ID orYEC arguments)

From: Michael Roberts <>
Date: Thu Feb 05 2004 - 08:10:47 EST

I bought Haywards book when it came out and liked it and hoped it would be
read. It looks as though it has. Being a geologist I could work out why
Flood Geology was nonsense of the worst kind, but many of the YEC are not
clear to non-specialists. A chemist dos not always understand basic geology.
I have long felt that any Christian arguing for an old earth is a good
thing, even if some of their arguments are a bit inadequate. In fact an old
earth anti-YEC anti-evolutionist is going to do more damage to YEC than a TE
like me who is an Anglican and well tinged (in their eyes) with woolly
liberalism. However if they said I was liberal theologically they would be
lying, though of course fine Christian YECs would never do that, as I am
sure Glenn and Wally would agree with me.

Hence the sheer vitriol which the ever-loving, kind, compassionate,
Christian exemplars at AIG pour on poor old Hugh Ross. Consider the nonsense
and vitriol on his cartoon of Archbishop Ussher, which is funny and no worse
than any other cartoon I have seen - whether Blair covered in whitewash
after the Hutton report (UK judicial inquiry on the Iraq War BBC allegations
etc) 19th cent cartoons of darwin or Wilberforce. They are all cruel and

I think Ross's biggest crime is that he rejects evolution but accepts an old
earth - sorry universe. Perhaps we should send him e-mails of support.

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