RE: Kerkut (was: Re: A case for Christianity that does use ID orYEC arguments)

From: Gary Collins <>
Date: Thu Feb 05 2004 - 12:23:43 EST

On Thu, 5 Feb 2004 06:00:54 -0600, Glenn Morton wrote:

>I had reviewed a chapter of Alan's book prior to publication (my claim to
>fame is that my name is next to Fred Hoyle's in the acknowledgements. Its
>who you stand next to in life which is important!).

Oh yes... isn't he the guy who was once described (I think in either New
Scientist or Scientific American - as "the Patron Saint of Unfashionable
Causes"? Quite apart from his "Bacteria from Space" hypothesis, which
was, to say the least, interesting, I seem to remember there being a bit of
a hoo-har to do with claims that the archaeopteryx fossils are forgeries...
A clever bloke, to be sure, but maybe a touch on the eccentric side... that
may not be such a bad thing though.

He thanked me by
>sending me the book which came at a time I was not doing anything in YEC.
>So I didn't read it until about 6 years later when I was having a pretty big
>crisis of faith. His solution to the Genesis problem came to my attention
>at a time when I needed it.

God's timing can be pretty wonderful. I'm sure there must be others who
have been helped by reading his books. Maybe not on this list, but somewhere
out there in the big wide world...

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